St Edmund's Hunstanton

St Andrew's Ringstead


From St Edmund’s parish church, August 2016

Dear friends,

Nineteen years ago I moved into the Vicarage at Northgate during August ready to begin my ministry amongst you as vicar. During these years it has been a great privilege to share in so many lives at times of great joy and deep sadness. It has also been a personal joy that Hunstanton has attracted other clergy to live here, and so share in ministry with us both at St Edmund’s and at Ringstead. We are now to be joined by The Revd James Monro (Father James) who in fact has not moved very far. He has completed his curacy in the Saxon Shore Benefice (Old Hunstanton through the coastal villages to Burnham Deepdale) and after three years it is time to move on. He will continue to live in Docking and has been licensed as assistant priest to the united benefice of Hunstanton St Edmund and Ringstead St Andrew. He had to be licensed privately by Bishop Jonathan in his chapel at Castle Acre as the bishop is about to have a stay in hospital for surgery. This means that we shall he to wait until November to have a public welcome service for Fr James (Sunday November 6th at 10.30am in St Edmund’s)

In fact Fr James already has a ministry in the town as he has been assisting in the work of the Foodbank and with a Christian club at Smithdon High School. Although at the time of writing he has not been licensed by the bishop, Fr James has already begun his ministry amongst us. So welcome Fr James to your new work for and with God.

This letter gives me the opportunity to publicly express my thanks to all our retired clergy who worship with us and are part of God’s family in Hunstanton and Ringstead. When clergy are ordained it is a role God gives for life, not just for paid (or unpaid) employment lasting until a given retirement age. All Christian people are called to live a life for God by serving him in the world, thereby witnessing to his saving grace which we celebrate in our public worship, particularly on Sundays.

I would also like to express my thanks to the people of Ringstead and St Edmund’s for the two events that the respective churches put on recently. Earlier in the Summer St Edmund’s had a flower festival when members from both churches put on a wonderful display representing the Church’s year through flower displays and the church vestments. At the beginning of July Ringstead hosted its annual Open Garden Sunday. So many people were involved from the local community it is impossible to name everyone in this letter, but I would like to express my thanks to Sara Stocks who coordinated the whole event this year. Both events raised money to maintain the life of our two churches, but just as important as that is, it is the coming together of a community to put something on for others to enjoy that is so good. In our current world we perhaps think of the secular world and the church’s world as if they were two separate worlds; but we affirm that everything we do is done in the sight of God whether we acknowledge him or not. It is his world, and we are all of us part of the family of humanity and all one in Christ.

Your priest and pastor,
Fr John Bloomfield. Tel 532531

Sunday worship in our two churches:

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